Cargo Theft: Awareness & Prevention

Cargo theft is a nationwide issue that has plagued the trucking industry for decades. Cargo theft tactics have evolved over the years, and it continues to be a significant issue for Professional Truck Drivers and businesses that require transportation services for their products. The National Insurance Crime Bureau has found that cargo theft crime is responsible for the loss of roughly $15 billion to $30 billion per year in the US.

Truck stops and other locations where Professional Truck Drivers rest during their long-haul trips are the likeliest spots for these cargo thieves to get the opportunity to steal the cargo or hijack the entire truck and trailer. Due to Hours Of Srvice (HOS) regulations Professional Truck Drivers are only allowed to be on duty 14 hours oer day of which 11 of those hours are allocated for driving, there after a  10 hours consecutive break is required in or away from the truck, before another 14 hour shift may begin. Please see HOS regulations via for more information on Hours Of Service.

Unfortunately, more frequent stops mean more chances for criminals to target carriers, adding to the stress on Professional Truck Drivers.

While you might not know when, how, and where cargo thieves may strike, there are measures you can take to prevent this from happening to you.

Tips To Prevent Cargo Theft

Understanding How Cargo Theft Most Likely Happens

Preventing cargo theft requires understanding when, how, and where such thieves are likeliest to strike. It is common sense to understand that stopped vehicles are the likeliest targets for cargo theft. Whenever you park your truck, you never know whether there are cargo thieves in the area searching for potential targets. While there is no way to determine when cargo theft might happen, you can avoid leaving your truck unattended to protect the cargo you are carrying.

Pay Close Attention To Where You Have Parked

Being more careful about where you park your truck can make a significant difference in helping you prevent cargo theft. Pay close attention to where you have parked your truck to see if it is well-lit and has a secure area. Be sure to check the internet to see whether the highway robbery frequency is high in a particular area. Knowing where these crimes are likeliest to occur can help you make well-informed decisions to make stops at safer locations.

Use Technology To Your Benefit

GPS tracking devices have become a standard in the trucking industry today. These devices are often already installed in ELD systems. However, most GPS trackers track only the truck and not the cargo. Cargo thieves care about stealing your cargo and not your truck. We highly recommend that you consider installing an alarm system that alerts you if someone is trying to access the cargo when you are and are not around your truck, even when you have parked your truck in a secured location.

Invest In Training & Education

Whether you are a Professional Truck Driver working as an owner-operator or if you work for a carrier company, it is important to invest in training and education regarding hijack awareness and prevention. There is a ton of information every Professional Truck Driver can learn to become more aware of better methods to secure their truck and cargo.

Owner-operators should invest in awareness and training programs to prevent theft. Professional Truck Drivers employed by companies should ask their employers to provide them with the necessary training and education.

At Fr8 World Logi$tix, we recognize that the cargo theft problem has been a significant problem, and it continues to impact the industry. Taking more measures to grow awareness about cargo theft and how to prevent it from happening can make a significant difference. As a Professional Truck Driver, you owe it to yourself to take the steps necessary to protect yourself, your truck, cargo, and your customers’ interests.

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