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Who We Are

Fr8 World Logi$tix was launched in the great city of Houston, Texas in 2000. We’re an independent logistics firm of Trucking Industry experts providing O/O and medium-sized trucking fleets a slew of logistical services. Our firm is built on honesty, principles, and distinguished business ethics, which is the core of our values and business model. Not only do we take great pride in establishing great long-term relationships with our clientele, furthermore we maintain and nurture those relations centered around World Class Integrity as paramount. For over two decades our primary focus has been assisting our valued clients in consistently operating profitably and exceeding their business goals.

What We Do

There’s far more to, and about Fr8 World Logi$tix than we can write about via this blog. We have assembled and trained a World-Class Team of Logistics Professionals with hundreds of combined years of experience, in order to deliver the highest level of quality and professional services to our clientele. We handle logistical services, back-office, and overall business needs, etc. so our clients can focus on what’s of utmost importance, consistently generating revenue, and scaling and profiting from the experience. Fr8 World Logi$tix would be honored to provide your establishment the same level of services and professionalism we’ve achieved notoriety for, for twenty-plus years. 

Our firm specializes in providing our clientele with the following services, but not limited to: Trucking Industry Consulting, Freight Planning, LTL, FTL, Partials, Expedited Freight, Dedicated Lanes, Dispatch Services, Safety/Compliance, Rate Negotiations, and more (please click-on our Services tab via our website for a full list of services) throughout the Continental US, Canada, Mexico, and other global destinations. No, it doesn’t end there, likewise, we facilitate and coordinate for our non-asset-based manufacturing companies, processors, distributors, production companies, freight forwarders, etc, by pairing them with reliable carriers to transport their products safely, on time, and claims free.


Fr8 World Logi$tix has a reputation for offering our Professional Truck Drivers high paying freight. The persistent goal is to create the best revenue stream for whichever equipment type you operate, be it: flatbed, reefer, dry van, hotshot, box trucks, or step deck. We cultivate great working relationships with our Professional Truck Drivers and strive to constantly improve our day-to-day business relationships by showing our Professional Truck Drivers we understand their overall business and revenue goals. Our team is the very best at what we do, i.e. working with shippers/receivers to avoid long detention times, pay higher rates, and giving our Professional Truck Drivers ample time to make their pickups and deliveries without added pressure and stress which creates a smooth operation. 

Freight Planning

Our logistics experts plan multiple trips in advance which you’ll generate higher profit margins and off-set a percentage of your operating expenses and overhead. In this day and age of the Trucking Industry, you need experienced freight planning and logistics services to be successful. With access to thousands of loads daily and our savvy rate negotiation skills etc. our Professional Truck Drivers are assured we’ll have them loaded and rolling back-to-back like a well-oiled machine. When executed correctly, freight planning will give you a financial hedge on great rates, as this is especially important in an economy where the competition for top rates is always increasing. In 2019, a study found that 41% of trucking companies and 38% of shipping companies stated that increasing rate pressure from competitors was a significant challenge for them. The expert team here at Fr8 World Logi$tix loves helping our clients by not only negotiating great freight rates but also consistently working to lower your dead-head miles and reducing overhead, thus putting more money in your National Hip Bank. We strongly believe and stand on this simple but very important true saying: The Kindest Thing A Person Can Do For Another Is Help.

Experience Matters

Yes, you have many choices when it comes to choosing a logistics firm, however, the difference here at Fr8 World Logi$tix is our personal guarantee on delivering Optimal Customer Experience and Quality Results which are all made possible due to our decades of logistical knowledge, experience, and serving. When you’re seeking the absolute best in class you have no other better option than Fr8 World Logi$tix. With the ever-changing rules, regulations, policies, and procedures regarding the Trucking Industry, it’s vital for our Professional Truck Drivers to not only be safe on the road but to be compliant across the board. This is why Fr8 World Logi$tix remains abreast of constantly evolving DOT Safety/Compliance, DOT Drug Screening updates, FMCSA Regulations, and more. As experienced industry professionals, we realize each carrier’s business obligations, needs, and goals are unique to her/him, which is why we build you a custom plan without the custom price.

We have proudly served thousands of trucking companies, logistics companies, and owner-operators in the past and we’re optimistic about the future and continuing our tradition with you. Your business is our business, so we take it personal and we’ll fight until the job is done right, right down to the paid invoice. The time is now to start moving toward a better LOGI$TIX FUTURE! Join our family of satisfied clients today! Please don’t hesitate to call us today so we can discuss our impeccable custom services, fee structures, and more with you to find the best fit for all of your business needs. Remember: We Have The Fr8 You Want. Paying The Money You Need. Going The Places You Want To Go. How Does That Sound To You?

Download our Freight Planning Service Agreement, Carrier Profile Sheet, and Limited Power of Attorney forms, here:

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